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New production technology development center
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The synergy between 30 years experience with new ideas. We realize the customer's ideal by continuous improving mechatronics.

The mechatronics by controled precision mechanics by advanced programing, makes the fine and complicated process possible. Fujipream's mechatronics technology produced the world admitted precision lamination during 30 years experiences then has been developed by the synergy with the existing technology. Packing materials, robot systems and other unique equipment, we propose the optimized system for the user, and follow up detailed maintenance. Accumulating the production system that is not permitted to be followed by competitors regarding both quality and cost, then targeting more advanced equipment. These are our mechatronics business with the theme of "Challenging impossible."

With an integrated system from proposal to post-delivery, we offer assured quality and cost advantages.

We design ideal production processes and offer systems optimized to user needs while carrying out extensive review and improvement.
Even after delivery, we provide support with an integrated system covering everything from maintenance checkup to additional modifications needed for the next step.

Support for securing a reliable advantage

Full automation, increased capacity, space-saving, labor-saving, and high yield. We boost the competitiveness of our corporate users from the standpoint of both quality and cost.

Fujipream's mechatronics business

Packaging lines and related equipment

Since 1983, we have been designing, manufacturing, engineering, and supplying lines to enable speedy, efficient, and more accurate packaging of all sorts of products for a variety of industries, ranging from individual packaging to outer packaging and palletizing.

List of equipment
  • Wrap-around casers
  • Set-up casers
  • Robot casers
  • Tray packers
  • Individual cartoners
  • Wrap-around casers
  • Bagging equipment
  • Carton formers
  • Labelers
  • Pack boxers
  • Palletizers
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Pallet conveyors
    (Complete packaging lines)

Foods and beverages

  • Cardboard casers for PET bottles
  • Inner box cartoners for snacks
  • Olive oil filling and packaging lines
  • Sake pack transport and packaging lines
  • Decorative gift box inspection and packaging lines
  • Pet food outer packaging and bagging lines
  • Cartesian palletizers for paper beverage packs
  • Cardboard casers for beverages
  • Tray packers for paper beverage packs
  • Wrap-around caser dual-purpose machinery
  • Jam jar packaging lines
  • Cardboard cartoners for yogurt
    (Our delivery record also includes many other systems)

Pharmaceuticals and reagents

  • Packing lines for tablet bottles
  • Bulk packaging lines for blood sugar sensors
  • Multi-casers for beverage bottles
  • Casers for moisturizing cream
  • Casers for powdered pharmaceuticals (in cartons)
  • Casers for vial bottles
  • Inner box cartoners for vial bottles
  • Carton inversion/stamping inspection equipment
  • Cardboard insertion lines for wet dressings
  • Inner partition insertion equipment for IV fluid bags
  • High-speed cutting equipment
    (Our delivery record also includes many other systems)


  • Top panel packaging lines
  • Stick glue packaging lines
  • Cardboard casers for cooking sheets
  • Cardboard casers for binders
  • (inner boxes, outer boxes)
  • Packaging lines for office supplies
  • Packaging lines for photo albums
  • Surface printing systems for building material boards
  • Palletizer equipment
  • Cardboard casers with Cartesian coordinate robot for disposable diapers
  • Packaging lines for carpet tiles
  • Tray changers
    (Our delivery record also includes many other systems)

Track record for packaging lines and related equipment

As variations on standard equipment specifications, we also have a track record for various product types/forms, packaging specifications, and options. Fujipream offers a diverse range of equipment and lines for various industries based on our cumulative history of achievements and know-how, not only in the field of pharmaceuticals and reagents, but also lines for various types of packaging equipment, transfer systems, precise and stable inspection processes, flexibly configurable palletizing lines, and other special packaging processes.

Packaging lines

  • Bottle packaging
  • Pillow packaging
  • 3-side⁄4-side sealed
  • Carton cases
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Caramel wrapping
  • etc.
  • Wrap-around
  • Set-up
  • Tray pack
  • Carton case
  • One-touch
  • Envelope base
  • etc.
  • Adhesive tape, I⁄H taping
  • Packing tape, I⁄H taping
  • Hot-melt
  • Staple
  • Insertion
  • Top sheet, bottom sheet,
     inner partitions
  • etc.
  • Bar codes, QR codes, ID tags
  • Labeling
  • Data management
  • Attached documentation
  • etc.

related equipment

  • General transfer systems
  • Accumulators
  • Vertilators
    (lifting equipment)
  • Channelizers
    (division, aggregation)
  • Various types of data
  • etc.
  • Weight checkers
  • Metal detection
  • Printing inspection
    (character recognition)
  • Appearance inspection
  • Assortment inspection
  • Various types of data
  • etc.
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Empty⁄Loaded pallet
  • Palletizing
  • Pallet horizontal
     bundling machines
  • Pallet stock C⁄V
  • Automated warehouses
  • AGV
  • Banding
  • Stretch film
  • Bar codes, QR codes, ID tags
  • Labeling
  • etc.

Robot systems and related equipment

Integration of know-how accumulated over many years

We offer robot handling, assembly, and alignment technology developed with our own production equipment.

List of equipment
  • Assembly
  • Handling
  • Palletizing
  • Alignment
  • Travel systems
  • Various special bands
  • Automatic tool replacement systems

Laminators and related equipment

Applications of "world-class precision laminating technology"

For both optical and building material applications, we offer laminating equipment only available from Fujipream, which makes full use of our internationally recognized precision laminating technology.

List of equipment
  • Vertical laminators for optical applications
  • Flat laminators for optical applications
  • Vertical laminators for building materials
  • Flat laminators for building materials
  • Various types of transfer equipment
  • Clean transport
  • Conductive tape application equipment
  • Vertical washing machines
  • Flat washing machines
  • Various types of inspection equipment

Other special equipment

New efforts

By applying existing technology, we offer a diverse range of innovative equipment to a variety of industries, including research and development applications.

List of equipment
  • Solar automatic tracking equipment
  • Equipment for evaluating optical characteristics
  • Spray coaters
  • UV irradiators
  • Tray chains
  • Photovoltaic related equipment
  • Pharmaceutical and reagent manufacturing-related equipment
  • FPD-related equipment
  • Special equipment for R&D applications
  • Other general industrial equipment
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