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Solar Photovoltaic System

Clean Eco-Energy DepartmentSolar Process Division

Expanding the new possibility of Solar Photovoltaic, We are enlarging the market of eco-energy.

The Clean & Eco-Energy Department makes a major contribution in the field of solar power generation systems as the new energy having the greatest potential. We take pride in our revolutionary manufacturing technologies for modules, based on the precision laminating technology represented by "Nozomi" ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules, and our products show the originality and advanced characteristics of Fujipream. We also manufacture standard silicon crystal photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic modules integrated into building materials, and design, retail, and install solar power generation systems under the Fujipream brand. As further applications of our module manufacturing technology, we also handle the manufacture, sales, and installation of shatterproof film laminated glass and insulated glazing.

Meeting the challenge of unprecedented technology

"Nozomi" ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules greatly expand installation possibilities

"Nozomi" ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules developed by Fujipream have the same standard size but about half the weight of conventional photovoltaic modules. Furthermore, these are the high-efficiency crystal type, not the thin-film types which can be easily made lightweight but have low efficiency. Since the weight load on buildings is halved, modules can be installed at locations where installation was previously impossible. These revolutionary photovoltaic modules boast high durability and light weight, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

In-glass photovoltaic modules employing state-of-the-art precision lamination

In-glass photovoltaic modules put photovoltaic cells between sheets of reinforced glass by leveraging the precision laminating technology available only from Fujipream, and these modules can provide much greater design possibilities for buildings than previous standard modules.
Since we seal various types of photovoltaic cells with free arrangements into the glass configurations needed for diverse types of building structures by using our unique photovoltaic lamination technology, we can realize "Photovoltaic modules integrated into building materials" represented by the "in-glass photovoltaic modules" that architects are looking for.

Toward a vision for the future of solar power generation

Tracking systems suited to the climate of Japan, in which panels move so they are constantly exposed to sunlight

Fujipream's tracking-type solar power generation systems (tracking systems) are designed to be suitable for the Japanese distinctive climate. They not only track the sun but also lay the panels down during strong winds. Since they are installed at the top of a high pole, land can be used effectively. Even when installed on agricultural land, the land under the panel hardly ever goes into the shade, thus it is possible to generate energy while farming.

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