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Flat Panel Display

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High quality supported by Ultra-precision lamination that the world admitted.
The overwhelming share in Japan domestic and oversea market prove it.

Various types of optical films are used in display devices, and their performance depends greatly on the quality of the precision laminating technology.
Fujipream's precision laminating technology has earned high acclaim, in both the Japanese and international market, in areas such as plasma TVs, LCDs, smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, and car navigation systems.
We are trusted by customers for our high-precision technology for beautifully and safely displaying images, and our strict quality control system, and we provide products not only to major consumer electronics manufacturers in Japan, but also to a whole spectrum of other companies.
In addition, we are actively working to expand into new businesses, such as prototyping for new technologies and new products, based on the trust and track record we have established.

Precision laminating technology is essential for achieving
beautiful and safe display on flat displays

Various types of optical films are used in the display screens of digital products such as LCD monitors, smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, and car navigation systems. These films are essential for providing touch panel functionality, and achieving beautiful, safe display of images, so they play an extremely important role in determining product quality.

superior to conventional concepts and technology

Products called "optical filters" are manufactured by laminating together multiple functional films of different types, and precision laminating technology is critically important due to the complexity and high degree of precision required. Thanks to our superior quality, Fujipream has an overwhelming share in the display device market, which is primarily focused on flat panel displays.

Difficulty of laminating large-screen flat displays

Today, flat panel displays have replaced CRTs to become the mainstream technology for monitors and televisions, and they are rapidly increasing in size and diversity. As a result, composite functionality has become a requisite for optical filters. Higher precision and technological innovation are in constant demand, from new materials to lamination using complex methods. To achieve a stable supply, in addition to efficiency and cost, yield is an important factor due to the expense of key materials. As a leading company in this field, we have pioneered technologies and know-how for cleanroom management. We meet user needs through high-quality manufacturing and contribute to the evolution of display devices by opening up new possibilities in precision lamination.

An integrated product system centered around "lamination"
for achieving world-class high quality and added value

At Fujipream we carry out the complete process—from material cutting to lamination and assembly—at our own plants. We offer strict quality control, and optimal process selection.

Commitment to next-generation displays

We are strengthening our ability to handle a diverse range of next-generation display products by applying ultra-precision laminating technology only Fujipream can provide.

[Large touch panels]

"Direct bonding" to achieve integration of the cover glass and display device

Laminating between hard materials is effective for products such as displays requiring touch panels or cover glass. This enables direct bonding through atmospheric lamination.

[3D displays]

"Stress-free lamination" exploiting outstanding material characteristics

Functional films are evolving in areas such as the medical and amusement markets. By laminating precisely along pixel lines, it is possible to suppress minute deformation caused by lamination, and prevent loss of material characteristics.

[Small and medium touch panels]

"Multi-panel lamination" for simultaneously laminating multiple films

This lamination is effective for substrates with multiple patterns, as seen with small and medium products. This enables precision lamination on the micron scale of multiple films at one time.

Processing technology and production equipment for the next-generation

By establishing new processing technologies and developing production equipment, we are further bolstering our capabilities in new fields.

"Tape attachment lamination" for simultaneously laminating
4 edges

This method is effective and suitable for any products that need a tape folds over around 4 edges of the substrate all at once.

Cutting with alignment function

Cutting equipment with an alignment function enables precision punching out of patterned film.

Autoclave treatment

Our autoclave treatment equipment can also handle large displays. In the case of small and medium displays, it achieves higher efficiency by reducing the number of batches.

ACF attachment, FPC pressure bonding

FPC pressure bonding is necessary for touch panels. Processing that accompanies lamination can also be performed.

Appearance inspection

Sensory inspection by personnel makes diverse filter inspection over short timeframes possible. We have human resources with extensive experience in the inspection of surface and base materials.

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